Accountability Help

How to submit an Accountability Report
  • Check what documents you need to provide here and prepare your documents.
  • Log in on your Online Grants Portal.
  • Follow the steps below.

How to upload documents

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How to complete a Salary and Wage Declaration Form

When submitting an accountability report for a Salaries/Wages grant that is paid via payroll you will need to complete and upload a Salary/Wage Declaration Form. This is all that is required.

You can find the Salary/Wage Declaration Form on Audit & Accountability page on our website or download here.

Complete the form following the below guide. Once completed, upload your Salary/Wage Declaration Form on your accountability report and submit.

How to prepare documents for project, activity and operational expenses Accountability Report

For project, activity, or operational expenses:

We require tax invoices and full bank statements.

Please name all documents so they can be easily identified e.g. Power Invoices May to July, Bank Statement Power May to July.

If payments are made in a batch payment, the batch payment summary showing the invoice you wish to claim must be provided alongside the actual bank statement showing the batch payment being made.

*Please only upload 2 or 3 documents for each line item. The three documents are invoice, bank statement and batch payment summary (if payments are made in a batch payment).

  1. Invoices must be provided in full (not just the front page) and be:
    • Address to the Organisation
    • State the full contact details of the supplier
    • Provide a full description of the goods and services
    • Clearly show whether the total is GST inclusive or exclusive

All invoices must be in date order and combined into one document for one line item.

  1. Bank Statements must be full bank generated statements or internet banking transaction lists that include:
    • The bank’s name i.e. BNZ
    • The Organisation name
    • The bank account number (that matches the account your grant was paid into)
    • Highlighting of all relevant payments

All bank statements must be in date order, relevant payments are highlighted and combined into one document for one line item.

*A full bank statement shows all transactions leaving the account. ‘Payment Processed’ documents will not be accepted.


Need Help?

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