Changes to Our Grants Policy

Great news! Grassroots Trust Limited has reviewed its Grants Policy and now requires LESS accountability documentation than before. All changes take immediate effect.

So, what has changed?

The updated policy now includes:

  • More detail around the expenditure documentation required (clause 4.4.1 g-i)
  • Financial statements are no longer required as part of your application.
  • Pre-approval to change your supplier is no longer required.
  • Updated application and accountability declaration statements (clauses 4.4.1 g-i & 4.15.5)
  • A definition of an “Authorised Signatory” (clause 4.4.1 g-i)
  • More detail around the accountability documentation required (clauses 4.11.4-5)
  • A newly launched salary / wage declaration form (see below)
  • A new audit requirement of 5% for approved salary / wage contributions (clause 4.12.3)

To see the full Grants Policy that includes the above clauses, please click here.

So, what does this mean for me and my Organisation?

When applying for funding – you no longer need to provide financial statements as part of your application.

If you’ve received funding toward a salary / wage contribution – you only need to provide a signed declaration form confirming the funds were spent on the purpose for which they were granted and that all legal obligations including IRD deductions have been met.

Download the Grassroots Trust Salary / Wage Declaration Form

You must also keep on hand all supporting documentation that confirms the salary spend in case you are chosen to be audited.

If you have previously received a salary / wage contribution but have not yet accounted for it, you can use this new process.

Has anything else changed?

Yes, the process for submitting your accountability report online has also changed.

        1. Accountability documents must now be scanned into ONE FILE per approved line item and the file chosen from the drop-down menu as your Invoice File in the Accountability Project/Activity Costs Grid in Step 6 of your Accountability Report.Below is an example of what should be included in your ONE FILE if you were approved funding towards the costs associated with electricity from January to February 2020:
          1. Full January electricity invoice (not just the front page)
          2. Bank statement highlighting payment of January electricity invoice
          3. Full February electricity invoice (not just the front page)
          4. Bank statement highlighting payment of February electricity invoice
        2. Files must be named to match the approved line item you are claiming i.e. Line Item 1, Line Item 2 etc. and chosen as your Invoice File in the Accountability Project/Activity Costs Grid.
        3. Bank statements and batch summary payments must clearly highlight the relevant payments you are claiming.

So, what other changes have been made?

Following our review and feedback from our Grant Recipients, we have created a new accountability tab on our website to help navigate your way through our process. This tab includes an overview of the process and frequently asked questions (FAQ).

To visit the new accountability tab, please click here.

Still have questions?

Our Grants Team is available between 8.30am and 5.00pm weekdays to help you with any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact them on 0800 957 960.