Application Process

Step 1: Check that you are eligible to apply

If you haven’t already checked to see if you are eligible to apply, please click here

Step 2: Prepare the documents you will need to apply

To see what documents you will need to apply, please click on the category that best defines your organisation:

  1. Community
  2. Education
  3. Sports

Step 3: Complete your online application

If you need more information on how to complete your online application please refer to the “How to Apply Guide” and the FAQs section.

Step 4: Assessing your application

Once you have successfully submitted your application, you will receive an email confirming this.

Once applications close, your application will be assessed and if additional information is required to make your application compliant, an assessor will contact you via email to request this information. Upon receiving a request for additional information, you will be given 3 working days to provide this information. Failure to provide the additional information within the requested timeframe may result in your application being declined.

All communication regarding your application will be sent to your primary contact via email through our online system. So that you do not miss any of our email updates, please ensure you have the following email addresses set up as SAFE SENDERS:

It is your responsibility to ensure your contact details are always up to date.

When contacting a member of the Grants Team via email, please use the REPLY button from an email already received by the system ( Any emails sent directly to this address without using the REPLY option will not be received by the Grants Team.

Step 5: Board Consideration

The Grassroots Trust Limited Board generally meets on the fourth Wednesday of each calendar month. The full grant results are uploaded to the Trust’s website by the end of the meeting day; with individual application outcome letters emailed to each Applicant within 48 hours of the meeting. To view previous grant recipients, please click here

If your application is partially or fully declined, the reason for this decline will be communicated in your outcome letter.

If your application is partially or fully funded, payment of this grant funding will be made within one month of the application being approved.

Funds received must be used for the approved specific purpose and payment must occur after the approval date.