Due to COVID-19 and our gaming venues being closed, Grassroots Trust will not be accepting funding applications at this time.
We will actively review our position on a regular basis and will update our website accordingly.
Be kind and let’s unite against COVID-19.

Application Process

Step 1: Do you agree to our conditions for Allocation of Funds, Audit and Inspection Requirements?

If you haven’t read our conditions for Allocation of Funds, Audit and Inspection Requirements, you can view these here

Step 2: Check that you are eligible to apply

If you haven’t already checked to see if you are eligible to apply, please click here

Step 3: Prepare the documents you will need to apply

To see what documents you will need to apply, please click on the category that best defines your organisation:

  1. Community
  2. Education
  3. Sports

Step 4: Download Google Chrome web browser

All applications must be submitted using the Google Chrome web browser. Using another browser could result in you not being able to successfully submit your application. If you do not already have Google Chrome downloaded on your computer, please click here

Step 5: Complete your online application

Please Note:  Applications are closed until further notice.

Step 6: Assessing your application

Once you have successfully submitted your application, you will receive an email confirming this.

The Grants Team aims to assess all applications within one week of receipt. If additional information is required to make your application compliant, the assessor will contact you via email to request this information.

All communication regarding your application will be via email through our online system. So that you do not miss any of our email updates, please ensure you have the following email addresses set up as SAFE SENDERS:

When contacting a member of the Grants Team via email, please use the REPLY button from an email already received by the system ( Any emails sent directly to this address without using the REPLY option will not be received by the Grants Team.

Step 7: Board Consideration

The Grassroots Trust Limited Board meets on the fourth Wednesday of each calendar month. The full grant results are uploaded to the Trust’s website by the end of the meeting day; with individual application outcome letters emailed to each Applicant within 48 hours of the meeting. To view previous grant recipients, please click here.

If your application is partially or fully declined, the reason for this decline will be communicated in your outcome letter.

If your application is partially or fully funded, payment of this grant funding will be made within one month of the application being approved.

Funds received must be used for the approved specific purpose and payment must occur after the approval date.

Requests to allocate salary funding to another staff member

If there is a change in staff member for a role that has been funded, prior approval to use these funds for the new staff member must be sought. A signed employment contract and position description for the new staff member must be provided for this request to be considered. Failure to inform us of these changes may result in a refund being requested.

Requests to change suppliers

If there is a need to change suppliers, prior approval of this change must be sought. A quote that matches the previously approved supplier’s goods or services must be provided for this request to be considered. Failure to inform us of these changes may result in a refund being requested.

Step 8: Accountability Reporting

Grassroots Trust Limited will review 100% of all approved grants for accountability.

Your organisation must obtain invoices for all goods or services, and complete full accountability within the timeframe specified in your accountability reminder email.  You will receive this reminder email 20 days prior to your accountability being due. You can find the date that you will receive this reminder in your Applicant’s Dashboard under Accountability Reports/Report Due. Failure to provide this documentation will result in Grassroots Trust Limited seeking a full refund of the grant.

If your organisation does not proceed with this project, or should there be a surplus of funds once the purchase is made, the money must be returned to Grassroots Trust Limited as soon as possible.

If you have overspent within one line item approved as part of the specific purpose, you are not permitted to transfer to another line item.

Documents required for activity, project or operational expenses:

  • Copies of invoices addressed to your Organisation supporting the expenditure
  • Copies of bank statements showing the name of your Organisation, the bank account number in which Grassroots Trust deposited the funds, and showing the payment/s of the invoice/s Please ensure that all relevant payments are highlighted
  • If you make payment by batch payment, you also need to provide a copy of your batch payment summary
  • If you make payment via cheque, you also need to provide a copy of the cheque butt or a receipt from the supplier confirming payment

Please note that all invoices/expenses must be paid for directly from the applicant’s bank account in which the funds were deposited.  No payments can be made as a reimbursement to any member of the organisation; this includes any credit card payments. No money may be transferred to another party to pay for any expenditure. If this occurs a full refund will be requested.

Documents required for salary/wages:

  • Pay Summary Report
  • IR Employment Information / or Summary of Employment Monthly Schedule
  • Management Report (MYOB/Ace Payroll) / or other document that shows the breakdown of staff included in your PAYE return Please ensure that all relevant payments are highlighted
  • Contractor invoices (if applicable)
  • Bank statements and payment schedules showing all payments made Please ensure that all relevant payments are highlighted

How to complete your accountability:

Accountability is completed online via your Applicant’s Dashboard. If you have not logged into your dashboard before, please follow the below steps:

  1. Visit our website
  2. Scroll down the home page and click on “Apply online here”
  3. If you have not logged into your dashboard since 1 September, click on “Register Now” and register yourself and your organisation; or
  4. If you have logged into your dashboard since 1 September, click on “Login”, enter your email address and password.
  5. Choose “Accountability Reports” from the side menu.
  6. Click on the grant you wish to complete an accountability report for.
  7. Follow the instructions you receive from there

For more information on how to access and navigate your Applicant Dashboard please click here

Step 9: Audit

Grassroots Trust Limited records will be inspected and audited by the Department of Internal Affairs and Grassroots Trust Limited is required to render details of all donations to the Department.

Grassroots Trust Limited also audits 10% of approved applications and may request further information and verification as to how the funds were used.

If your organisation is selected to be audited, a member of the Grants Team will make contact with you.